We meet regularly at Manadon Masonic Hall, Smallack Drive, Crownhill, Plymouth, Devon at 6.45pm on the third Wednesday of every month except July, August & December .

The Lodge was founded by twelve O.P.M.s and sponsored by Armada Lodge No.4360. The consecration took place on 18th September 1946 and was presided over by the Bishop of Crediton, who was the Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire at the time. 70 Brethren attended the ceremony and the first Worshipful Master was WHJ Priest.

1996 was our Golden Jubilee year. It was marked by the Lodge hosting the 49th Festival of the Federation of School Lodges. In January 2002 our 500th meeting was celebrated with a social evening. Special guests included the President of the O.P.M. Club, Mr.R.Pashley and the Provincial Grand Master for Devonshire, R.W. Bro. R.O. Osborn.


 W Bro WHJ Priest  Bro TA Pearn  Bro SB Jackson
 W Bro LR Dunstan  Bro GL Wakeham  Bro GEL Whitmarsh
 W Bro AR Gerry  Bro AWC Lyddon  Bro I Roseman
 W Bro FA Underhill  Bro FT Algate  Bro JS Blatchford


1946 WHJ Priest 1966 SB Jackson 1986 PA U'ren 2006 JA Perry
1947 TA Pearn 1967 TEJ Savery 1987 JA Constable 2007 RTB Wotton
1948 GL Wakeham 1968 AJ Squire 1988 G Pessell 2008 RTB Wotton
1949 AWC Lyddon 1969 FL Axworthy 1989 FPJ Dingle 2009 JJ Foster
1950 FT Algate 1970 DW Luke 1990 AJ Blight 2010 K.Pring
1951 I Roseman 1971 HJ Stevens 1991 K Pring 2011 RE Heath
1952 TS Blatchford 1972 RF Fowles 1992 PW Hitchins 2012 NJ Holman
1953 PJF Shepherd 1973 FC Ballantine 1993 M Horswell 2013 SR Lynch
1954 FA Underhill 1974 JRG White 1994 DJ Robins 2014 SR Lynch
1955 NAM Sitters 1975 AI Pearce 1995 WS Daw    
1956 CA Atkey 1976 K Pring 1996 RJ Williams    
1957 FK Carter 1977 SE Westlake 1997 PAJ Merchant    
1958 FC Dingle 1978 BG Veale 1998 PAJ Merchant    
1959  SE Westlake 1979 DG Smale 1999 FC Ballantine    
1960  FH Damerell 1980 WM Hirons 2000 RHD Statton    
1961  FGP Westlake 1981 TEJ Savery 2001 SWM Welsh    
1962  LWM Pettitt 1982 JA Perry 2002 GM Buckingham    
1963  NR Shute 1983 JEB Reynolds 2003 JP Smerdon    
1964  ARH Hill 1984 RRJ Livingstone 2004 JP Smerdon    
1965 TH Crichton 1985 DW Luke 2005 TEJ Savery