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W.Bro. Tom E.J. Savery Celebrates 60 Years – Old Plymothian & Mannameadian Lodge No. 6279

On Wednesday 20th May 2015 W.Bro. Thomas Edward James Savery, PPrJGW was awarded a Certificate of Long Service to Freemasonry, celebrating 60 Years in Craft Masonry. The Certificate was presented by W.Bro Colin Gale PSGD, APGM and a member of The Old Plymothian and Mannameadian Lodge No.6279. W.Bro Colin Gale informed the brethren that RW Bro Osborn 10 years ago presented Tom with his 50 year Certificate as the PGM and that he was privileged to have been asked by RW Bro Ian Kingsbury JP, PGM to present the 60th Certificate, having received the good wishes and an apology from both. Many brethren from afar and visitors packed the lodge to celebrate this special occasion. W.Bro Gale then gave a comprehensive and detailed life story on W.Bro.Tom before presenting his certificate. To a standing ovation Tom replied ‘I did not expect this, my dad was a very keen Freemason and encouraged me to join the OPM Lodge ( a new lodge connected with Plymouth College and only 6 years old ) rather than his own, for which I am eternally grateful as I have enjoyed the journey and all those who I have met along the way’, He then thanked W.Bro Colin Gale for the splendid way that he had presented his life’s achievements and Certificate.


W.Bro.Tom Savery PPrJGW

50 Years celebration

A few of the facts given were as follows: W.Bro Savery was born in 1932 and was educated at Salisbury Road School, Hooe School & Plymouth College. In 1955 he went to Hertford College, Oxford and qualified as a Solicitor with a Second Class Honours Degree in Law. Tom then went on to Practice as a Solicitor in the Plymouth area for Mr.Stroud, Mr Stitson ( then two companies) , Foot & Bowden and Goldbergs. In 1967 He has served on Plymouth City Council for 37years to date, taking the position of Passenger Transport Sub-Committee for 4 years, Chairman of the Transportation Committee for 2 years, Chairman of Leisure Services Committee for 5 years, became Deputy Leader of the Council, Chairman Finance Sub-Committee, Vice Chairman of the City Council's Policy and Resources Committee, 1987 -1991 Leader of the Council, Chairman of Policy and Resources Committee, 1991 -1997 Shadow Leader of the Council and became the Lord Mayor of Plymouth in 1999. Outside of work and his duty to the Council, Tom had numerous other activities he embarked upon including :- President of the Gilbert & Sullivan Fellowship Plymouth 1983 to date, Governor of Plymouth College - 1968 to date, Chairman of the Governors 1979 to date, President - Plymouth & District Field Club 1981 – 1984, Chairman of Plymouth District Scout Council 1973 – 1986 when it was abolished as a separate Scout Council and was merged into Devon, County Council Scout Council Chairman 1986 to date of the Scouts Resources Sub-Committee, Chairman of The Plymouth Symphony Orchestra 1986 to date and a Trustee of Plymouth Operatic Society to name a few. Tom also has many keen interests including Gardening, Philately, Travelling and Caravanning, Bird watching, attending Theatre and Musical Concerts and is also a keen Student of History and the history of Plymouth, as well as being a Freemason. Tom was Initiated into the Old Plymothian and Mannameadian Lodge No.6279 at the age of 22 in December 1954, Passed & Raised in 1955 and became WM in 1967 a position he has taken twice more since in OPM Lodge , in 1981 and to celebrate 50 years in masonry took the chair again in 2005. In 1975 was awarded Prov Grand Registrar and in 1991 PPrJGW. Tom also became a Joining member of Sir Francis Drake in 1993 and became WM in 1998. He was Exalted into Sir Francis Drake Chapter in 1966 and was first principle in 1976 and holds the rank of PPAGDC. Joined the Devonian Chapter of First Principles and was the MEZ in 2013/4.W.Bro. Savery enjoys his Masonry and this shows by all the other orders he has joined : Sir Francis Drake Mark 617, 1966 became WM in 1972 and now holds the rank of PPrJGW; St George RAM 1966 became WCN 1996 and Sir Francis Drake RAM 617 as Founding W Commander and holds the rank of Prov RAMGR; The HRA Knights Templar Priests, joined Holy Citadel Tabernacle No. 61 1998 became IV Pillar 2005; Rose Croix, Perfected into Huyshe Chapter No.38 in 1966 , MW Sovereign 1975, 30th degree 1976 and Joined Royal Verterans Preceptory and Priory of Malta No.10 in 1997, 1st Constable in 2005. At the festive Board, W.Bro. Tom Savery was presented gifts by the WM, W.Bro Sean Lynch, on behalf of the Lodge; a Glass & Silver Letter Opener and an engraved Silver Book Mark as well as a celebration cake with the Lodge Banner & Lodge Crest. We congratulate you Tom, an inspiration to us all, a wonderful Man, Friend and Freemason, may you have the health and strength to continue for many years to come.
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